Development of Android and iphone tollab e-learning platform in Kuwait & Egypt (Phase1)
University and pre-university and postgraduate e-learning platform for students and lecturers
project description

A Tollab platform for university e-learning has been implemented in Kuwait; where the Android application has been programmed and the iPhone application has been programmed professionally for the student where the student can view the various educational courses and purchase the appropriate content for his academic specialization and university specialization.
A student can watch a video of the educational courses and can send comments to the lecturer.
The system also integrated with electronic payment systems to facilitate the purchase of educational materials as KNET.
The system also includes the encryption of videos and educational materials to preserve the property rights of the system and the lecturers.
The system contains the Android and iPhone application for the lecturer, It enables him to upload his scientific material and follow comments from students on his courses. He can also monitor his wallet and see how many people have bought his courses.

project details

Clients: Tollab E-learning platform

Date: 2020